Il Principio - The Principle

Ognuno di noi possiede la verità, intraprende quindi il proprio cammino infinito per conoscerla. Questa è l'essenza del sentire, la luce dell'esistenza. Questo è il cammino che in ogni passo del sogno ci porta dal possedere la verità ad essere la verità.
Each of us possesses the truth, then undertakes his endless journey to know the truth. This is the essence of feeling, the light of existence. This is the path that in every step of the dream leads us from having the truth to being the truth.

Thursday, 15 December 2016


Donavi risate e gioia, abbattevi muri per aprire orizzonti alla gente, panorami in cui potessero rilassarsi dal contratto sociale e dalle piccole paure nello specchio. Sempre elegante nella tua sincerità, umile nella tua signorilità, e così semplicemente aperto a donarti nel gioco, a donare sorrisi, a donare te stesso, fino a donarti a qualcosa di più grande, fino a scordarti di te, fino a scomparire all'improvviso nell'ultimo viaggio. Forse non ti sei mai trovato davvero perché ancora non ti eri perso del tutto. Il tuo ultimo viaggio è arrivato troppo presto per me, troppo presto per camminare ancora a fianco verso noi stessi, per raccontarci la vita. Ma la vita me l'hai donata comunque ed io vivo perché tu hai vissuto davvero. Un'altra anno, un altro addio, padre caro.


You gave laughter and joy, brought down walls to open horizons to people, landscapes where they could relax from the social contract and from the small fears in the mirror. Always elegant in your sincerity, humble in your nobility, and so simply open to give yourself to playfulness, to give smiles, to donate yourself, to give yourself to something bigger, until you forgot about yourself, you disappeared suddenly on the last journey. Maybe you never really found yourself because you had never truly lost yourself. Your last journey came too early for me, too early for us to walk next to each other towards our own selves some more, to tell each other about life. But life is what you've given me anyway and I live because you have really lived. Another year, another good-bye, dear father.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Complex solutions to complex problems

Applying complex solutions to complex problems is like taming fire with
wood. You may succeed, but you'll have a bigger fire next time.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The common solution

Evolution is hindered by thoughtlessly choosing the common solution (easiest) without thinking about the best one (simplest).

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A trace of art

Some of us are partially unborn, by a part, a fragment, a silhouette half way out of the world's threshold, whose eye glances at our lives from a slit, with a unique focus, a different agreement of colours and shadows, a keen yearning for the essence of the images it steals. Thus a need simmers in our blood, heating up the walls of our thoughts, bringing our emotions to a boil, and in the bubbling confusion our unborn self pierces the skin of existence, sometimes manifesting itself through unconventional means, surprising paths, pouring through any free stream it can, to reach and leave its mark on the world it so longs to touch. And so a trace of art is made.

Friday, 4 March 2016


Laws are written to accomodate the vast majority, but if they were to be interpreted with close minded logic, instead of the full rationality of a human being's life, judges would be machines.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Bad diplomacy offers lies, good diplomacy offers truth with perspective.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Il respiro dell'anima - The breath of our soul

Se l'aria che ci danza intorno è l'anima del nostro respiro, allora il vento deve essere il respiro della nostra anima. Nel vento il seme dei nostri pensieri viaggia per depositarsi ovunque nel mondo, e conoscere e sfiorare paesi e persone, profumi di ricordi, melodie di emozioni, visioni di speranza. Siamo universi, mondi nel mondo, la nostra bellezza ha una fonte infinita che affonda le sue radici in ricordi più antichi di noi.


If the air that dances around us is the soul of our breath, then the wind must be the breath of our soul. In the wind the seeds of our thoughts travel to settle anywhere in the world, and learn about and graze at countries and people, scents of memories, melodies of emotions, visions of hope. We are universes, worlds in the world, our beauty has an infinite source that has its roots in memories which are older than us.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

A fragment

A sense of desolation, an expectation. Nobody is watching, though a part of her nearly outside of the picture wish they were. She walks out on the driveway, early teens. Looking up at the sky, slows down time. I don't want to forget the stars, she thinks, when I start looking straight I'll have grown up.