Il Principio - The Principle

Ognuno di noi possiede la verità, intraprende quindi il proprio cammino infinito per conoscerla. Questa è l'essenza del sentire, la luce dell'esistenza. Questo è il cammino che in ogni passo del sogno ci porta dal possedere la verità ad essere la verità.
Each of us possesses the truth, then undertakes his endless journey to know the truth. This is the essence of feeling, the light of existence. This is the path that in every step of the dream leads us from having the truth to being the truth.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

A fragment

A sense of desolation, an expectation. Nobody is watching, though a part of her nearly outside of the picture wish they were. She walks out on the driveway, early teens. Looking up at the sky, slows down time. I don't want to forget the stars, she thinks, when I start looking straight I'll have grown up.

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