Il Principio - The Principle

Ognuno di noi possiede la verità, intraprende quindi il proprio cammino infinito per conoscerla. Questa è l'essenza del sentire, la luce dell'esistenza. Questo è il cammino che in ogni passo del sogno ci porta dal possedere la verità ad essere la verità.
Each of us possesses the truth, then undertakes his endless journey to know the truth. This is the essence of feeling, the light of existence. This is the path that in every step of the dream leads us from having the truth to being the truth.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

One seed in the universe

We have travelled, as the world became meaning for your eyes. We have travelled, tiny seeds through the stars, specs of will on your first journey around the sun. Air, water, earth and sun have nourished you, mother's milk has guided you, while we followed your joy. With each discovery I see you bloom into the person you’re growing to be. It's so wonderful to meet you. You are the beginning and the end of my days, the overarching meaning that pervades them. I feel you expand from the deep centre in me each time I see you smile, my breath stops to see your wonder before leaving to rejoin the wind. You amaze me, your strength and determination reassure me of life’s wisdom. You move me as your gaze reaches mine. I am here to give myself to you, holding your hand as you learn to walk on your own path.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Steps to wisdom

Data -> Interpretation -> Information -> Knowledge -> Understanding -> Wisdom

As opposed to

Data -> Misinterpretation -> Misinformation -> Reduced Knowledge -> Misunderstanding -> Ignorance

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Define consciousness?

Is consciousness a self perceived reflective emergent behaviour of dynamic feedback capable information?

Friday, 28 July 2017

Here is to the weird ones.

Here is to the weird ones, the awkward, those who don’t quite fit. Here is to the quirky, the different, the non-conformists. Here is to the poets, the artists, the moon howlers. Here is to the hungry mad readers, the mind travellers, the daydreamers. Here is to those who feel uncomfortable, the unsatisfied, those who spill themselves on the page, raining words like relief on arid lands. Here is to the kind hearted, the quiet ones, the verbose lacking confidence. Here is to those who dwell on the details, who find universes in a grain of sand. Here is to the learners, those who open hungry eyes and eager ears to the awareness of their ignorance. Here is to the unassuming, the non-believers, the empiricists, those who need to understand. Here is to the seekers, the explorers, the unsettled. Here is to those who go farther, deeper, higher and further. Here is to those who wander in wonder, those who seek amazement, the vagrants of knowledge, the nomads of understanding. Here is to those who listen, but don’t follow, who observe, but do not partake. Here is to the wallflowers of life, here is to the beating heart in their minds. You are those who don’t fully belong to this world and therefore are compelled to change it.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Each breath of a child - Ogni respiro di un bambino

Each breath of a child whispers the meaning of life


Ogni respiro di un bambino sussurra il significato della vita

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The gift of life you bring to our home

You carry the strength of storms within you, the all encompassing reach of nature's embrace shows like a fleeting glimpse in your kind gestures. A blooming seed, you can withstand the dark ceaseless winds that would rip the tallest trees into the majestic arcs of an earth shattering fall, the roots of motherhood reaching with unbreakable grace through your slender fingers, woman and life-giver, your essence expands beyond the horizons, revealing its greatness as an ethereal impression against the sky when lighting strikes. Your visible beauty is just a projection of a greater world, an icon, a still image of a greater tale, fragment of an eternal story, and I read every word in admiration, as the vivid image of life is reflected in your deep loving eyes, a revelation of the strength that animates your gentle heart.

Thank you, my love, for the gift of life you bring to our home.

The tempest

When the dark wind blows, even the tallest trees fall, with majestic arcs into earth-shattering sound, illusions of strenght bound forever to the ground. The northern fires' glow, a whirlwind of leaves and dark clouds from parting snow, the sky tipped over in rivers' flow, a shower of tears to fill the lightning's plough. Arms wide open, I call it to my chest, this land-cracking tempest, from which there is no rest.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Yesterday the world disappeared

Yesterday the world disappeared.
Yesterday the world became a promise.

You have been wished through the storm, I have shouted your name in silence with all the strength of my blood. Then my desire became our desire.

Our blood has danced, your blood has bloomed.

She has waited patiently, feeling you become, she has been your life essence and vessel.

She has shattered the skies for you, she has transcended her skin to make you appear.

This is not gentle. This is not a dream. This is an amazing battle, strength for existence, the will to be, to ascend and breathe.

You are beautiful. Your beauty isn't as thin as words on paper. Your beauty is not a fable whose pages can be closed to be read another time, when reality is too boring or unkind. Your beauty is real, it's flesh, bones and blood, it's a scent that washes emotions through every fragment of my being.

You are the naked truth, the sense of it all. Like a forgotten friend, you appear crossing my way, just as if to say, "I'm here, you have been looking for me. Do you remember?".

You are yours, but you are ours. You are not a stranger. I couldn't recognise you with my eyes, because I had never seen you in this form before. But my blood knows you. I hold you with confidence, your needs are my resolution, your cry is the cue for my focus and determination. I recognise you in my essence, taking care of you is my natural instinct, it's engrained in my deepest self. When I hold you, the world disappears and a new world rushes out from my heart.

You are yours, but you belong to life. I will guide you to become yourself. You will carry part of me inside of you, but you will not be me, I shall not survive death through you.

I will offer you the warmth and the will of my love, unconditionally, unceasingly. There is no contract or compromise, there is nothing anyone can do to change this.
I will offer you my thoughts, we will learn together, we will walk together, until you'll be able to walk faster than me.
I will offer you my truth, I shall learn to accept your truth, even when it frightens or hurts me. You will show me who I am, we will not need to hide from each other.

Yesterday the world disappeared.
Yesterday the universe was born.

Life is the most amazing battle. You will learn. The world is a wonder to explore, it will change you, it will make you bigger than ever, it will make you more humble as your vision expands. We will learn. One day I will watch you walk.

Welcome, my strong in battle, flourishing girl, my Matilda Florence. She, my Gentle Heart, and I, love you.


Ieri il mondo è scomparso.
Ieri il mondo è diventato una promessa.

Sei stata desiderata attraverso la tempesta, ho gridato il tuo nome in silenzio con tutta la forza del mio sangue. Poi il mio desiderio è diventato il nostro desiderio.

Il nostro sangue ha danzato, il tuo sangue è fiorito.

Lei ha aspettato pazientemente, sentendoti divenire, è stata la tua essenza vitale e vascello.

Ha frantumato i cieli per te, ha trasceso la sua pelle per farti apparire.

Questo non è delicato. Questo non è un sogno. Questa è una battaglia straordinaria, forza per esistere, la volontà di essere, ascendere e respirare.

Tu sei bellissima. La tua bellezza non è sottile come le parole su un foglio di carta. La tua bellezza non è una favola le cui pagine possono essere chiuse per essere lette in un altro momento, quando la realtà è troppo noiosa o sgradevole. La tua bellezza è reale, è carne, ossa e sangue, è un profumo che manda onde di emozioni attraverso ogni frammento del mio essere.

Tu sei la nuda verità, il senso di tutto. Come un'amica dimenticata, appari sul mio cammino, come per dire: "Sono qui, mi hai cercata. Ti ricordi?".

Tu sei tua, ma sei nostra. Non sei una sconosciuta. Non potevo riconoscerti con i miei occhi, perché non ti avevo mai vista in questa forma. Ma il mio sangue ti conosce. Ti tengo con fiducia, le tue esigenze sono la mia risoluzione, il tuo pianto è il segnale che sveglia la mia attenzione e determinazione. Ti riconosco nella mia essenza, prendermi cura di te è il mio istinto naturale, è radicato nel mio essere più profondo. Quando ti tengo, il mondo scompare e un nuovo mondo sgorga dal mio cuore.

Tu sei tua, ma appartieni alla vita. Ti guiderò a diventare te stessa. Porterai parte di me dentro di te, ma non sarai me, non sopravviverò alla morte attraverso di te.

Ti offrirò il calore e la volontà del mio amore, incondizionatamente, incessantemente. Non c'è nessun accordo o compromesso, non c'è niente che nessuno possa fare per cambiare questo fatto.
Ti offrirò i miei pensieri, impareremo insieme, cammineremo insieme, fino a quando sarai in grado di camminare più velocemente di me.
Ti offrirò la mia verità, imparerò ad accettare la tua verità, anche quando mi spaventerà o mi farà soffrire. Mi mostrerai chi sono, non dovremo nasconderci l'uno dall'altra.

Ieri il mondo è scomparso.
Ieri l'universo è nato.

La vita è la battaglia più sorprendente. Imparerai. Il mondo è una meraviglia da esplorare, ti cambierà, ti renderà più grande che mai, ti renderà più umile mentre la tua visione si espande. Impareremo. Un giorno ti guarderò a camminare.

Benvenuta, mia forte in battaglia, fiorente bambina, mia Matilda Florence. Lei, il mio Cuore Gentile ed io, ti amiamo.