Il Principio - The Principle

Ognuno di noi possiede la verità, intraprende quindi il proprio cammino infinito per conoscerla. Questa è l'essenza del sentire, la luce dell'esistenza. Questo è il cammino che in ogni passo del sogno ci porta dal possedere la verità ad essere la verità.
Each of us possesses the truth, then undertakes his endless journey to know the truth. This is the essence of feeling, the light of existence. This is the path that in every step of the dream leads us from having the truth to being the truth.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

One seed in the universe

We have travelled, as the world became meaning for your eyes. We have travelled, tiny seeds through the stars, specs of will on your first journey around the sun. Air, water, earth and sun have nourished you, mother's milk has guided you, while we followed your joy. With each discovery I see you bloom into the person you’re growing to be. It's so wonderful to meet you. You are the beginning and the end of my days, the overarching meaning that pervades them. I feel you expand from the deep centre in me each time I see you smile, my breath stops to see your wonder before leaving to rejoin the wind. You amaze me, your strength and determination reassure me of life’s wisdom. You move me as your gaze reaches mine. I am here to give myself to you, holding your hand as you learn to walk on your own path.