Il Principio - The Principle

Ognuno di noi possiede la verità, intraprende quindi il proprio cammino infinito per conoscerla. Questa è l'essenza del sentire, la luce dell'esistenza. Questo è il cammino che in ogni passo del sogno ci porta dal possedere la verità ad essere la verità.
Each of us possesses the truth, then undertakes his endless journey to know the truth. This is the essence of feeling, the light of existence. This is the path that in every step of the dream leads us from having the truth to being the truth.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I release my flesh into words

I release my flesh into words, letting steps appear everywhere in me, raining emotion into trickles of smiles like small fish gasping on the still wet sand, I let myself fall into the vault of the sky, from the bright embrace of the blue light up to the shining runes, and I was the air that possessed every street, the memory of a thousand pilgrims blown on their neck, visible only in the reflection of eyes that I chose before falling again, far away, in every direction, thought chased by feeling, mottled color in the world's iris, small, small, small, tiny enough to cover every possibility and have nothing to desire but what I had gently treaded on already. The scratch in the blood, hidden by the sound of the ceaseless convulsions of the heart, the rhythm of his grief for the scream choked by a thousand hands over his mouth with every beat, I am the thin black line which lies to my heat, sliding in each artery to steal a bit of fire, and never wants to learn to believe in order to still have hunger for a desire. I'm the simle on the fool's face while the world laughs at him, I am the eyelash in the lover's eye that sees his beloved arrive, I am the chill that steals a second from every kiss around him, I am a speck of soot in your breath, ready to be released only through words of love, I am the stain of mud on the petal of the most beautiful flower, I am the word that you didn't want to say, I am the trouble that glides on your skin when someone thinks of you, but not in the way you'd like, I'm the friend you'll never have, the hand of the traitor on your shoulder while you weep, I am the scratch on red lips of desire, I am the last moment of fear before pain, I am the chain that tightens as much as you pretend not to want its grip, I am the tears of a beggar among the indifferent gaze of the world, I am the left leg of a dead nightingale on your asphalt road, I am the blade of grass that breaks your stone with his perseverance, I am the insect in a drop of dew, only the dust of time on your tired hands, the creak without origin that steals serenity from your sleep, I am the simplest test you never pass, I am the most beautiful word nobody ever told you, I am at the whim of a madman, glass cutting your bare feet, the hysterical cry of a child, the last flake of snow on a sunny city, the dead leaf that you can not help but trample on, the fatigue of your breathing when you are too tired to live and too scared to sleep, I am the mistake that reveals the lie, the misunderstood accomplice look of the saints, the secret life in the rope of a hanging monk, the denied gesture of peace in a forgotten mass, the cripple's will to live, the last crust of daly bread, the dissonance in the chant of a prayer, the sentenced in a court of hypocrites, the stoned in the land of the just, the only unthrown stone on the already dead body, I am the eyes of a child escaped from his mother's arms, the final tear for the first cry, I disguise myself as the devil where the devil is feared, I disguise myself as an angel where god is feared, I am the smell of iron in the blood of someone you love, I am the reflection in the cat's eye, the dark alley where the poor devil runs away from decent people, the last drop of whiskey in your tired glass when you don't want to understand that she's gone, I am the fire in the veins waiting to ignite in the heart, I am the first convulsion of the last orgasm you remember, I am the last drop of sweat that falls on your lips before you open them, I am the memories that you've forgotten in the sea, the secret that you drained in the ocean, you have my stolen breath, I have the truth from which you escaped, I am the blade that teaches the fragility of your flesh, I am the unspeakable desire, I am the horizon behind you, you never see me while I look at you, I am all that I am, I am also a piece of you, I am the long fall from the state of grace, I am the whore's sincere pleasure, the thief's night, the fear of the killer, the horrific death of the rapist, I am the last blond hair in your childhood, the heart of the first fallen baby tooth, I am the smell of wine in your mouth, the taste of kisses on your skin, I am the color of your shadow, the question you forget, the answer you deny, I am the last moment before sleep, the first moment for dreaming, everything and nothing, the hug that you gave as a child to that little sweet baby girl who was crying, the secret you discovered by eating soil, the ebony golden branch that falls after your step, the sigh for your last waiver, the first drop of blood in a sacrifice, the point of no return for your desires, the sad look of a dog, a toothless smile on an old woman's face, the first wrinkle on the edge of your left eye, the wind caressing the tip of your fingers when you run crying, the first breath when you wake up and the last breath of your sleep, the sound of a piano in your thoughts as you play with memories, the loneliness of a lover, the first day you betrayed somebody, an unnoticed detail, the grain of a stone close to your steps, winter sun and summer rain, your laughter in a storm, the thin line of a received kindness, the floor that breathes when you fall to the ground exhausted from crying, the last word that never comes, I am a desire, I am you.

(testo originale: Sciolgo la mia carne in parole)

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